NNOI#I - Felix Kubin​/​Ditterich von Euler​-​Donnersperg2020 · WVINYL026

D.v. Euler-Donnersperg - side: unreleased tracks from his wild beehive.

Felix Kubin - side: Felix Kubin accompanies René Clair's silent film »Entr’acte« from 1924 live with a new electro-acoustic soundtrack, which refers to the surreal choreography, the contrasts in content and the fast editing sequences of the film in rhythmic cut-ups.
Rene Clair's film "Entr'acte" from 1924 is a real jewel of surrealism and is largely unknown to this day. The director radically experiments with cinematographic effects, provokes absurd exaggerations, which sometimes take on blasphemous proportions, and is not afraid to commit violence. The staff of actors is made up of famous artists such as Erik Satie, Francis Picabia and Marcel Duchamp, who, quite self-ironically, bounce through the image rather than stride. Men and women roles are reversed, a death procession turns into a roller coaster ride. The bizarre humor of the film also testifies, among other things, to the artistic daring of its time.


Frank Diersch - a German draftsman and painter.

NNOI - festival for 12,756 tone music, obscure teaching & organ of the world-ventriloquist-lodge

music: Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg & Felix Kubin
mastering: Rashad Becker
production & design: Robert Schalinski
artwork: Frank Diersch

Els Vandeweyer - Debut2019 · WVINYL 025

Born in Belgium, currently living in Berlin, Els Vandeweyer is well known after playing in the Jazz & Improv-scene for many years now. After releases with IMI Kollektief, Serenus Zeitblom Oktett, Quat and Pascal Niggenkemper Vision7 the long overdue first solo-album by Els Vandeweyer is released by 90%Wasser! Playing the vibraphone since her childhood Els developed her very own and very unique style to play that special instrument.Two arms, two feets, some sticks and a lot of grand energy she needs to play - several metal-plates, plastic bottles and a lot more stuff she needs to prepare the vibraphone. The result is a fantastic and very unusual mixture of somehow "classical & jazzy" kind of pieces as well as impulsive & offbeat pieces and each of them has it's very own idendity. Els leads you in a remarkable world of sound, far away from that associated with a vibraphone! No Jazz, No New-Music, No Experimental, No Noise and everything of it as well!

Recorded live 31.01.2019 at KM28 [Berlin] by Daniel Nentwig, mixed by Daniel Nentwig & Els Vandeweyer at Butterama Studio, mastered by Rashad Becker at D&M, artwork by Els Vandeweyer / layout Robert Schalinski.

Column One - Boiling Pool2016 · WVINYL 023

Side a POOLING 444 fragments
side b BOILING 509 fragments

Column One were
René Lamp
Tom Platt
Andrew Loadman
Rashad Becker
Stea Andreasson
Jürgen Eckloff
Robert Schalinski

“Boiling Pool“ consists of 953 fragments, 722 situations, 952 interuptions & countless Sources , intensions & beings.

Recorded at various places between 1971 & 2016.
Edited, mixed & produced at Polly´s Home, 23rd of may 2016 by Robert Schalinski .
Mastered by Polly Sinclair 2016.
Collage “The King Ape Feeds At Dawn“ by Robert Schalinski.

Limited edition of 245 numbered copies .

source donation ...derek holzer, antoin chesex, konrad schalinski, Paul viebeg, nada & rasmus, leo solter, remo lamp, Zei tkratzer, Hilke Schalinski, Jürgen Ploog, mirko uhlig, nocturne, Herbert Brauer, nora below, WSB, Joachim Schönfeld …
Thanks to Manfred Schiek(† 2016), Ralf Friel, Antje Brosig, Nada & Amon, Urk Giten, Jürgen Ploog, Uli Rehberg, Parabelles, Polly Sinclair, saphi, frieder butzmann, daniel löwenbrück, Felix Kubin, Wojcek Czern, marc hurtado & NNOI...

“Time is a human affliction; not a human invention but a prison.
So what is the meaning of one hundred sixty million years without time? ...“
William S. Burroughs

Kein Zweiter - Teilstück für Totalen Schwung2016 · WVINYL 022


Above party lines – below the horizon of forgiveness...Kein Zweiter return stronger than ever! 10 years after the „Muskeln + Kraft = Überlegenheit“ album – a new release by Kein Zweiter!

“...fantastic, sticky, garish nobleman-fetish-fantasies and pre-communistic oaths of knights take possession of me…" (Felix Kubin)

Released as 12“vinyl including the „Eine Richtung – Eine Saat“ video on DVD-R, a postcard and an A4-inlay containing the lyrics & liner notes!

Column One - Whip Cracking And Death Defying2016 · WVINYL 019

The final-album by Column One! Incl. printed inner-sleeve & 3 postcards!

We now live in a system, that is renouncing a plausible description of itself.
This stands for a rather unusual situation.
But what is even more astonishing is that this happens widely unnoticed and without consequences.

Guillaume Paoli (Krise der Darstellbarkeit/Darstellbarkeit der Krise)

Recorded during rehearsals for ENTROPIUM at Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Berlin, march 23, 2012
Celebrated & recorded in one take | No overdubs
Produced by Column One
Mastered by Rashad Becker
Column One were Zeitkratzer
Sleeve by Robert Schalinski
Artwork "Carnival vs. Lent" by Philip Wiegard

Column One - Cindy, Loraine & Hank2015 · WVINYL 020

The in 2015 released album from the legendary Berlin-based art collective Column One, entitled "Cindy, Loraine & Hank", was in the works for almost 10 years and it is their first album since anniversary box set "No One" from 2011 and "Antiphona" 10" vinyl EP from 2013.
Many fragments, materials & ideas created during the collaboration with the Berlin Zeitkratzer Ensemble (2012) remained unfinished or underdeveloped. After years of further recordings and reviewing the existing material and the destruction of useless bubbles arises with "Cindy, Lorraine & Hank" a bulky muscleman from the splinters of classical instrumentation, electro-acoustic manipulations & assemblages & the clarity of field recordings. Musique concréte if you like. A boundless world.
This double album presents Column One and their experimental approach to sound at its best.
"Cindy, Loraine & Hank" a collection of incestuous figures, a museum of small, lovely bastards. Products of passion & weakness, disorientation and dedication, of dull instincts and narrowness. Twins, triplets, octuplets, dyslexic, presidents, beginners, criminal citizens, sacred Neanderthals, expert idiots. Begotten in haste, hidden in the dirt, covered with garbage. A contourless, monstrous void in the cardigan of the great-grandmother. A voyage through the labyrinthine mind of Column One... a surreal, organic projection.

The two LPs are housed in a luxury gatefold sleeve and the first edition is limited to 300 copies only. The cover was designed by Robert Schalinski, based on "Black Depths" print (1974) by John Hiliard.